Send A Toy blog entry banner - Not your ordinary puzzle ... once kids have completed these great puzzles, the fun has just begun!

What you see isn't all you get!  Once your child has completed these puzzle the fun is not over, it has only just begun!

Here are four unique children's puzzles, each featuring an exciting twist.

Decoder Puzzles by Petit Collage:

Complete these fun Decoder 100-Piece Puzzles by Petit Collage and then use the included magic decoder glasses to find secret objects hidden in the busy puzzle scenes. Fabulous fun for kids ages 4 and up. Choose from: Robot Factory and Animal Festival.

Robot factory decoder puzzle with magic decoder glassesAnimal part decoder puzzle with maaagic decoder glasses

Observation Puzzles by Djeco:

Djeco Observation Puzzles are a fabulous range of kids jigsaw's with an added twist ... first complete the puzzle and then try and find all the objects depicted around the puzzle border, hidden within the puzzle itself.  Beginner puzzlers can start with entry level  35-piece puzzles, while 100-piece and 200-piece versions are offered for more experienced puzzlers.

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Aeroclub_observation_puzzle DJeco Observation Puzzle - Tales

Ravensburger Escape Room Puzzle:

The Escape Room concept is now available as fabulous new puzzle challenges! It is up to you to put the puzzle together, then find the six hidden mysteries within the puzzle, and solve them. Will you be able to solve all of the mysteries and find the "last" puzzle piece? The answer is included in a sealed envelope. Additional help can be found on the Ravensburger website. Suggested age range: 12  to adult.

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Witches Kitchen Escape Room Puzzle Dragon Laboratory Escape Room Puzzle


Magic Patch Puzzles by Galt:

Galt have released some exciting 50-piece puzzles that feature special magic patches. Young children can enjoy completing the colourful puzzle scenes, then find and rub the 15 special heat sensitive ink patches to reveal hidden images! Targeted for children aged 4 - 8 years, there are two magic patch puzzles to choose from: Pirate Ship  and Fairy Mushroom House.

Pirate ship magic patch puzzle