Care, Safety and other Wheely Bug FAQ's

Care, Safety and other Wheely Bug FAQ's

Developed in 1995, the Australian designed Wheely Bug makes a fabulous  ride on toy for young children ages 1 and up (and pre-school age on the larger size). One of the best features of the Wheely Bug is its castor wheels, which allow it to go backwards, forwards, sideways and round and round, giving its rider virtually unlimited mobility. Unlike most ride-on toys, the Wheely Bug can spin 360 degree's, which makes it a breeze to get out of tight spaces and dead ends!

If you have recently purchased a bug or are thinking of making a purchase, read our FAQ section below, where you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked Wheely Bug consumer questions.

Wheely Bug FAQ

What is the maximum rider weight?

Each wheel on a Wheely Bug is rated at 30kg, giving a total working load of up to 120 kilograms, however, the maximum recommended rider weight is 25kg (or 50lbs).

Can Wheely Bugs be used out side?

While your bug can be used on any clean flat surface, it is not classified as an outside toy. Dust, dirt, sand and gravel should be avoided as this can damage the castor wheels.  If you do take your bug outside, it should not be left out in the sun for extended periods or exposed to weather, and the castors  should be wiped down after use.

Do they work on carpet?

Wheely Bugs work best on wooden, laminate or tiled flooring. They can be used on carpet, however, it will be slower going.

Can I purchase spare / replacement parts?

Yes. Replacement parts can be purchased via the official Wheely Bug website here:

Where are Wheely Bugs made?

Wheely Bugs are an Australian designed product, however, manufacturing now  occurs in their modern factory at the edge of Shenzhen city, China.  All factory employees are above 18 years of age, paid above award wages with holiday and sick leave and provided with accommodation and meals.

Are Wheely Bugs safe to use?

Yes, they are safe and user friendly when used in accordance with the  manufacturer's safety guidelines and under direct adult supervision. Wheelybugs adhere to compulsory safety testing requirements in every country they are sold into, with testing processes repeated regularly. In Australia they are certified tested to AS/NZS ISO standards. 

What is the age range?

The small size is intended for ages 12 months and upwards and the large size is intended for 3 years and upwards. The end age range of each size varies depending on the weight and height of the rider. The maximum weight capacity is 25kg.

Adult supervision is required at all times, regardless of the riders age.

How do I care for / clean my Wheely Bug?

Regularly wipe down the cover of your Wheely Bug with mild soap and water. This will help protect the polyurethane leatheroid cover from dirt, sunblock, drink spills and other pollutants that may damage your cover over time. The manufacturer also recommends that you wipe down the cover of your bug with diluted eucalyptus oil* (10 parts water to one part eucalyptus oil ) on a regular basis, which helps keep the PU covering pliable.

Regularly clean casters from hair or other debris to ensure smooth operation of the wheels. Handle bolts should also be checked for fastness regularly.

Abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, steel wool and strong solvents such as acetone can damage the surface and should NEVER be used.

Exposure to sunlight for extended periods can result in colour fading and product deterioration. Don’t leave your Wheely Bug outside in the sun or weather. Keep sharp points away from the covering.

(*Does not apply to fabric cover versions, which should only be washed according to label instructions).

What are Wheely Bugs made of?

The bodies are padded and covered with a durable layer of polyurethane leatheroid, which can be easily wiped clean. (The Unicorn, Panda, Hedgehog and Dog versions feature a removable fabric cover, which can be washed according to label instructions).

The Wheely Bug  base is made from plantation grown poplar plywood and features safe ergonomic rounded contours. The 'feelers' (featured on the Bee, Ladybug and Cow versions)  are made with stainless steel springs that have an internal limiter cord to prevent the feelers from being stretched out. The handle is made of aluminum so it will not rust.

Are they covered by a warranty?

A 12 month warranty applies from the date of purchase on manufacturing faults only. (Manufacturing faults are rare and usually become evident within a short period after purchase). Wear and tear due to misuse is not covered by warranty e.g. if the casters wear out due to use on rough surfaces, if your pet or sharp objects damage the cover, if the Wheely Bug is left in the weather or too close to a heater, or the cover deteriorates because it is not cleaned in accordance with the manufactures instructions.

Wheely Bug DO's and DONT's

  1. Only use your Wheely Bug  under adult supervision.
  2. Wheely Bugs should not be used as a walker or aid to support walking.
  3. Ride on toys can tip over on surfaces that are not flat. The toy should be used only on smooth, level, dry surfaces.
  4. Do not use on or near hills, inclines, steps, stairs, bridges, near a swimming pool or other body of water.
  5. Shoes must be worn at all times.
  6. The toy should always be ridden with both feet on the ground.
  7. Only one rider at a time, multiple riders may cause the toy to tip over.
  8. Never allow a child to stand on the seat.
  9. Check that the handle and wheel bolts are tight before using (a loose or detached handle or wheel can make the toy unstable).
  10. The maximum rider weight recommended is 25kg (or 50lbs).
  11. Clean regularly in accordance with the manufacturers cleaning instructions.
  12. Never use polishes, abrasive cleaners, steel wool or strong solvents to clean your wheely bug.
  13. Don’t leave out in the weather or exposed to sunlight for extended periods.
  14. Keep sharp points away from the covering.
  15. Have fun!

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