Haba ball track construction set

4 Learning Benefits of Construction Sets

Construction Sets (aka Modular Sets or Building Sets) are play sets that contain standardised pieces or elements that allow for the design and assembly of objects. Once built the objects can usually be disassembled and then rebuilt into a different design, limited only by a child's imagination. This construction processes offers children a myriad of developmental benefits that extend far beyond the playroom, since the process becomes creative with the child in control. Here are just some of the fabulous learning and developmental benefits of construction sets:

Hand Eye Coordination:

In layman's terms, hand eye coordination (also known as eye to hand coordination) is the ability to use information received through the eyes to control and direct the hands to achieve a task such as writing, typing, catching a ball or picking up an object. Construction toys provide an entertaining way for developing hand-eye coordination abilities. As a child starts to build, their eyes send visual information to the brain to tell it where the hand is placed. The brain then generates instructions for how the hand has to move in order to create the desired object.

Creative Problem Solving (CPS):

Creative problem solving is resolving a challenge you may face in an imaginative and creative way. It is having the ability to think 'out side of the box' to come up with a solution to a problem. Construction toys naturally encourage exploration and development and stimulate original thinking. As they build a child will discover what will work and what won't work and learn to create solutions to problems so that they can achieve their desired outcome. These activities all assists the development of a child's creative problem solving skills.

Fine Motor Skill Development:

The term fine motor skills generally refers to the coordination of small muscles in the fingers and hands to make movements. Picking up, positioning and carefully piecing together the components of a construction set assists the development of these small muscles, helping to hone a child's fine motor skill abilities.

Focus, patience and persistence:

Successfully creating a design requires a level of planning, concentration, focus and persistence. To ensure their design comes to fruition a child will need to work carefully, have patience when something does not go to plan and persist at the task even when they encounter a problem.

Haba Spiral Ball Track Construction Set