Plan Toys Elephant Puzzle

New Plan Toys Shipment

So many new goodies in from Plan Toys this week,  we don't know where to start! Like their magnificent  new Rhythm Box, inspired by the Cajon hand drumming box. Large enough to sit on, kids use their hands to drum away on the sides, exploring with rhythm and tempo.  When not in use it makes a striking (excuse the pun) display item in your child's bedroom.

There's the adorable Animal Train, which is a puzzle, pull-along and free-play floor toy all in one!  Little ones can sort the three different animals shapes into their correct carriage and then use the attached pull-cord to take them on journeys about the house. The carriages and animals can also separate for free floor play.

And then there's the Acrobat Jumping Man, which has recently been awarded the prestigious and sought after Red Dot design award.  This simple yet thoroughly entertaining toy helps enhance little ones observational and experimental skills, whilst also giving their fine motor abilities a work out.

You can view all of our fabulous Plan Toy arrivals HERE