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The Dancing Egg - Dino from Lilliputiens is a unique toy that enhances motor skills as well as visual and aural development. Its silicone eggshell and adorable dino design will spark your child's imagination and offer endless amusement. Simply pull the cotton rope to watch the dino hatch from its shell, then observe in wonder as it vibrates its way back inside. This gentle movement and charming appearance will encourage infants to engage with their senses and improve their hand-eye coordination. The sound and sensation of the rope being pulled and the dinosaur returning to its shell will also stimulate their sense of hearing and promote the development of fine motor skills. The act of pulling the rope encourages children to use their hands and fingers, aiding in the refinement of dexterity and coordination. With its lovable design and straightforward gameplay, it can be hung anywhere in the home or taken along on trips to keep baby entertained for hours.

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SKU: L83430

Vendor: Lilliputiens

Title: Dancing Egg - Dino


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Australian made

Poppy & Daisy

Poppy & Daisy Designs is an eco-conscious children's brand offering fun DIY kits for little creatives to encourage back to nature play. All kits are handmade in Australia using environmentally sustainable products and packaging. A beautiful collection of eco activity kits and mini bags that inspire children to get hands-on and creative with natural materials.

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"Our mission is to reduce plastic toys in landfill, whilst surprising and delighting children as they open our beautiful eco gifts. We aim to inspire children to get hands-on and creative with natural materials."

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