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Founded in the early 1950's, Djeco is a French brand that is now recognised around the globe for producing a truly unique range of children's toys, craft and games that are unrivaled in ingenuity. Year after year Djeco consistently produce an outstanding range of products that stand out from the crowd due to their superior design, uniqueness and production quality.

Djeco first hit Send A Toy's virtual shelves back in 2005. Today we are one of Australia's largest online Djeco retailers, carrying in excess of 250 products and growing. From pull-along toys, stacking blocks and musical instrument, through to challenging 500-piece puzzles and unique craft projects, there is a Djeco product for every child of every age and ability.

Djeco's Design By product series warrants a special mention as there is quiet simply nothing else on the market that compares in terms of quality, design and presentation. This range comprises of high quality art and craft materials, beautifully packaged together with step-by-step instruction booklets that take children though a creative journey, helping them to complete projects with artist quality results that they will be truly proud of.

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