Donation Policy

Send A Toy receives numerous requests for donations every month, some credible, many not. Since we opened our virtual shelves in 2005 we have always made a considerable effort to support local charities and community fund raising events. However, as a small family owned business, we do not have the resources to determine the legitimacy of each request, nor are we in a position to donate to every legitimate request that we receive.

Therefore, our policy in relation to donation request is as follows:

    1. The requesting organisation must be listed on the ACNC Charity Register (Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission). Requests received from organisations not listed on the ACNC will be declined.

    2. Donation request must be submitted to Send A Toy in writing.

    3. Submissions must include the name and contact details for the requesting organisation, and clearly outline how Send A Toy’s donation will be utilised.

    4. Requesting organisation's must agree to supply digital images depicting how Send A Toy’s donated products were used, and permit Send A Toy to use these digital images on our website and/or social media platforms as we see fit.

      Donation requests that do not meet the above criteria will be declined, often without communication from Send A Toy.

      Submission of a legitimate donation request in accordance with our Donation Policy does not automatically guarantee acceptance.  Acceptance of a donation request submission will be solely at our discretion. Please understand that we are not able to donate to every legitimate request that we receive. 


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