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We frequently receive emails and phone calls from desperate parents trying to replace a child's favorite soft toy that they have lost. Nine times out of ten that soft toy is a Jellycat. There is just something about a Jellycat plush that makes them stand out from the crowd. Is it their silky soft fur? Is it their extremely huggable, slightly under-stuffed bodies? Maybe it is the careful placement of a few beans in their posterior, which gives them a gentle weight? What ever the draw card is Jellycat have certainly discovered the magic recipe, and when it comes to plush toys they are hands down our most popular range. This week we welcome 6 fabulous new characters to our ever-growing Jellycat family (drum roll please ...)

Starry-Eyed Dragon

Wait a minty moment! It's Starry-Eyed Dragon! Jellycat Starry-Eyed-Dragon soft toy

Starry-Eyed Unicorn

This adorable unicorn critter has the biggest, brightest eyes, filled with enchanted sparkles, dreamy soft cream fur and a silky blush pink mane and tail.

Starry Eyed Unicorn soft toy by Jellycat

Flora Flamingo!

One funky lady, with soft, crazy, neon pink tipped feathers!

Flora Flamingo pink bird soft toy by Jellycat


Bashful Dragon

With super-soft fur in pale sage green, faux suede horns and a long, squidgy tail, this brilliant dragon beastie is pretty fantastic!

Bashful dragon sage green soft toy by Jellycat

 Bashful Silver Bunny Small

 Joining his medium and huge size cousins, adorable bashful bunny silver small makes a perfect pocket companion.

Small silver grey bunny soft toy


Bashful Coral Bunny

 Pastel Pink, Sorbet Pink, Tulip Pink, Blush Pink and now Coral Pink! Introducing divine Coral Bashful Bunny, available in both small and medium sizes.

Coral Bashful Bunny soft toy by Jellycat