Site Glossary

Glossary of key terms used on our website:


ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a common type of thermoplastic (a plastic which becomes pliable when heated above a specific temperature and returns to a solid state once cooled). ABS plastic is durable and significantly stronger than polystyrene type plastics.  ABS is generally recognised as a low-hazard plastic that is suitable for cold food storage and subsequently recognised as a safe plastic for use in children's toy applications.

Baby Toys
Any child in the approximate age group of 0 - 18 months. The term Baby Toy(s) refers to toy products that have been specifically designed for use by children in this age group.

Blocks (also Building Blocks, Toy Blocks)
Wooden pieces of various shapes that children use as building toys. Blocks depicting letters of the alphabet are referred to as Alphabet Blocks. Building blocks can be used to improve a child's hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills, concentration and logical thinking skills. They can also assist with colour and shape recognition.

BPA Free
Bisphenol A known as BPA is a chemical used in some plastics to help make them clear and/or shatterproof. Some studies have indicated that BPA chemicals may be linked to the onset of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease and could also be associated with disruption of the body's hormone system. Plastic toys that are marked as BPA FREE do not contain the Bispherol A chemical.

A term commonly used to describe the application of motor skills of the hands and fingers (and thumb).

Dispatch (Dispatched)
The point at which a parcel is sent off from Send A Toy to its destination. The actually delivery time will vary depending on your postcode, however, as a general guide most parcels arrive 2 - 5 business days following dispatch.

Educational toys
Educational toys are toys that constructively promote the intellectual, emotional and or physical development of a child. Educational toys can be used to teach a child a particular skill or educate them on a particular subject. The majority of toys on the Send A Toy website have been designed with a child's learning development in mind.

European Union standards for safety of toys.

Fair Trade Toy(s)
Children's toy products that have been produced under recognised fair trade conditions. (Fair Trade refers to an  organised social movement that aims to help producers in developing achieve better trading conditions).

Fine Motor Skills
The term fine motor skills refers to the co-ordination and control of small muscle movements in the hand and fingers (and thumb).

Educational Game
A structured or semi-structured activity, undertaken for entertainment but also considered to be an educational tool offering a child educational benefits.

Generation Quality
A toy that is considered to be both high quality and classic in design so that it can be passed from and enjoyed by one generation to the next.

Gender Neutral Toy
A toy that is equally suitable ( in appearance, colour and function) for a child of either gender.

Hand Made (Crafted)
A product that has been produced by human hand as opposed to production machinery.

Hand-Eye Coordination
Refers to the control of small muscle movements in the fingers (and hands) in coordination with the eyes.

A very young baby, typically less than 12 months of age.

ITSA Award
ITSA Toy Awards are voted by ITSA ( Independent Toy Specialists of Australia) members and are awarded annually. ITSA awards specifically recognise products that represent the ITSA ideals. Each product chosen for an ITSA award must offer consumers excellent play value, product uniqueness, superior product packaging and presentation and value for money.

A child that is within a few weeks of birth

Phthalate Free
Phthalates are chemicals used to soften PVC plastic and are often found in plastic toys. Some studies have shown that phthalates can build up in the body, causing damage to the development of reproductive organs. Toys that are marked as Phthalate Free do not contain Phthalate chemicals.

Plan Toys
Plan Toys is a wood toy manufacturer located in Thailand. Founded in 1981, Plan Toys produce an educational line of children's toys entirely out of rubber-wood. Using rubber wood trees to manufacture wooden toys once the trees productivity has declined is considered to be an environmentally friendly wood resource. Plan Toys also use preservative-free rubber wood, formaldehyde free glues, recyclable packaging and water-based colours in their toy manufacturing process.

Preschooler (Preschooler Toys)
Any child in the approximate age group of  3 - 5 years. The term Preschooler Toys refers to toy products that have been specifically designed for use by children in this age group.

Rubber-wood is a sustainable by-product of the latex industry's harvesting of trees.

Soft Toys (Plush Toy , Stuffed Toy)
A toy that has been manufactured from fabric or other plush textiles and stuffed with soft fibers such as cotton, wool, synthetic filling or beans.

A gum soothing tool for infants and toddlers who are going through the phase of teething.

Toddler (Toddler Toys)
Any child in the approximate age group of  18 months - 3 years. The term Toddler Toys refers to toy products that have been specifically designed for use by children in this age group.

Toy Safety
The practice of ensuring that children's toys, especially toys intended for use by young children, are safe according to predetermined safety standards.

Tween (Tweens)
Tweens is a term used to describe children that are in-between being a child and a teenager. The approximate 'tween' age group is 9 - 12 years.



Delivery Guide


FREE standard Australia wide delivery for orders with a goods value of $100.00 or more.

A flat $8.95 delivery charge applies to all orders under $100 (this charge includes signature delivery and a traceable consignment number).

Express Post next business day* delivery is available for orders under 3kg . A flat $13.95 charge applies for this service. (If your order exceeds 3kg, express post will not be offered as a delivery option during checkout).

*Applies to express post orders placed before 12:00 pm (ACDT). Destinations outside of the express network will usually take more than 1 business day to arrive.

A signature is required at the time of delivery, therefore your parcel will be taken back to your local post office for safe-keeping and collection. A parcel will only be left at a premises unattended if specifically requested at the time of order placement, in this instance Send A Toy will not provide a refund or compensation in the event the parcel is lost, missing or stolen.


Your order will be posted within 24 hours, excluding weekends and South Australian Public holidays. Delivery times vary depending on your location, please refer to the table below for further details. (Express post orders placed before 12:00pm ACDT will be dispatched same business day for a next business day delivery within the Australia Post express network).

The following delivery standards apply to regular post orders from the time they leave Send A Toy and are based on Australia Post's delivery guidelines and our experience. Occasionally delays may occur as a result of our carrier for which we have no control over. In these circumstances Send A Toy will not be held liable for or provide compensation for the delay or any resulting inconvenience.  Please allow extra time for processing and delivery at peak Christmas times.

DESTINATION TRANSIT TIME (following dispatch)
Adelaide Metro 1 - 2 business days
South Australia (areas outside Adelaide metro) 2 - 4 business days
Melbourne Metro 2 - 3 business days
Victoria (areas outside Melbourne metro) 3 - 5 business days
Sydney Metro 3 - 4 business days
New South Wales (all areas outside Sydney metro) 4 - 6 business days
ACT 3 - 4 business days
Brisbane and Gold Coast 4 - 6 business days
Queensland (areas outside Brisbane and Gold Coast) 6 - 10 business days
Perth Metro 4 - 6 business days
Western Australia (areas outside Perth Metro) 4 - 10 business days
Tasmania 4 - 7 business days
Northern Territory 6 - 10 business days
New Zealand 4 - 10 business days



Yes. Express Post is available for Australian orders with a packed weight not exceeding 3 kilograms. The  charge for this service is a flat $13.95.

NOTE: if your order exceeds 3kg express post will not be displayed as a freight option during checkout. In this instance please contact Send A Toy for an express freight quote.

Express post orders placed before 12:00pm (ACDT) will arrive within 1 business day following order placement (excluding weekends and Public Holidays). This assumes that your delivery postcode is within the Australia Post express network. Express post orders sent to postcodes outside of the express network may take longer than 1 business day to arrive.

Disclaimer: occasionally delays may occur as a result of our carrier for which we have no control over. In these circumstances a refund will be provided for the express delivery charge only. Send A Toy will not be held liable or provide further compensation for any delays incurred.

Sorry, no.

Contact Send A Toy as soon as possible. If your parcel has not been manifested we can change the address for you. Unfortunately if your parcel has already been manifested we can not change the delivery address. In this instance your parcel will usually be returned to us within 2 - 4 weeks. Once your parcel arrives back at Send A Toy we can have it sent to the revised address. Please note that you will be charged a $8.95 re-delivery fee. This fee applies regardless of whether your order initially qualified for free delivery as Send A Toy incurs freight charges on all returned parcels. Alternatively you can opt to cancel your order for a refund, less a $8.95 returned parcel delivery fee.

Unfortunately if your parcel is accepted at the incorrect address and not returned to Send A Toy it can not be retrieved by Send A Toy or Australia Post.  In this instance Send A Toy will not provide a refund or compensation for the lost goods. 

Sorry no, we do not offer a local pick-up service.


We currently ship to Australia and New Zealand* only

*A maximum packed weight of 6kg apples to New Zealand orders. If your order exceeds 6KG then our New Zealand freight option will not be displayed during checkout.

The following freight charges apply to New Zealand orders:

New Zealand Under 500g : $10.95 (4 - 10 business days)
New Zealand  500g - 2 kg: $13.95 (4 - 10 business days)
New Zealand  2.01 kg - 3 kg: $15.95 (4 - 10 business days)
New Zealand  3.01 kg - 4 kg: $19.95 (4 - 10 business days)
New Zealand  4.01 kg - 5 kg: $24.95 (4 - 10 business days)
New Zealand 5.01 kg - 6.0 kg: $29.95 (4 - 10 business days)

Please place separate orders online or contact Send A Toy during our business hours to discuss your order requirements.

Presentation is important to us, however, in an effort to reduce waste and keep your delivery costs to a minimum we often reuse cartons, bubble wrap and other packaging materials when sending parcels. We also source and re-use cartons from local businesses.