Brighten Up Your Day with New Jellycat Arrivals!

Brighten Up Your Day with New Jellycat Arrivals!

Are you ready for some serious cuteness overload? Well, hold onto your hats (or should we say, plushies), because new Jellycat soft toys have landed!  From the cuddliest Toffee Puppy Soother to the sweetest Yummy Bunny Mint, these new Jellycat arrivals are sure to captivate the hearts of both young and old!

What's the Scoop on the Toffee Puppy Soother?

Let's start with the star of the show, the Toffee Puppy Soother. This little guy is the epitome of snuggliness. With his super soft fur and floppy ears, he's the perfect companion for nap-time or play time. Plus, he comes with a velvety soft blanket attached, making him the ultimate cuddle buddy. Trust us, you won't be able to resist giving him a snuggle!

Introducing the Yummy Bunny Mint and Yummy Bunny Pastel Pink

Next up, we have the Yummy Bunny Mint and Yummy Bunny Pastel Pink. These bunnies are sooooo cute, they'll make your heart melt like a chocolate bunny on an Australian summers day. With their fluffy fur and floppy weighted ears, they're the perfect little companions for pretend tea parties, nap-time snuggles, or just hanging out. And let's not forget their irresistibly squishy tummies and stitchy pink nose – they're just begging for a gentle squeeze!

Meet the Adorable Little Snowy Owling

If you're a fan of all things feathery, cute and fluffy, you're going to love the Snowy Owling. This little cutie is as white as freshly fallen snow and as soft as a cloud. With its big round eyes and tiny wings, it's the perfect companion for imaginative play or snuggling up on a chilly winter night. Once you meet this little owl, you'll never want to let it go!

Jellycat Amuseable Doughnut

This doughnut plushie is not your average doughnut. It's an Amuseable Doughnut! What does that mean, you ask? Well, imagine a doughnut with cute little arms and legs, a smiling face, rainbow sprinkles and a personality that's as sweet as its icing. It's a doughnut with a whole lot of character!

Don't Miss the Huge Bashful Toffee Puppy

Last but certainly not least, we have the Huge Bashful Toffee Puppy. This really big guy is the king of cuddles. With his floppy ears, squishy paws, and huggable size, he's the perfect companion for kids and adults alike. Whether you're looking for a new best friend or just a snuggle buddy, this puppy has got you covered. Warning: hugging this adorable plush may cause extreme happiness and uncontrollable giggles!

There you have it – our latest Jellycat soft toy arrivals. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our Jellycat Plush Collection and get ready to fall in love!