Miniland Anatomically Correct Dolls

The stork has landed! We are excited to announce the addition of Miniland boy and girl dolls to our virtual shelves. These beautiful dolls have detailed facial features, are anatomically correct,  and come in four different races (Asian, Caucasian, Latino American and African). Miniland Dolls are a great resource for encouraging creativity and socialization skills, while also helping children understand concepts such as family, gender differentiation and multi-cultural diversity.

Made in Spain from Phytalates-free vinyl, each doll has a subtle vanilla scent to smell like a newborn baby and comes wearing a removable two-piece underwear set. There are two sizes to choose from (21cm and 38cm), the larger size also feature realistic sewn in hair. Beautifully boxed in eco-aware packaging, they make lovely gifts for all children  ages 10 months to approximately 6 years.

Miniland Asian Girl Doll - 38 cm Miniland caucasian girl doll 21cm Miniland 21cm Hispanic Boy Baby Doll