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Within the pages of The Storyteller's Handbook whole worlds are waiting for you. There is a giant cat sleeping against a city corner, a flying bathtub of squirrels, serious lions and pensive rabbits. You will visit the stars and dive into the deepest ocean, find jungles and explore cities. On every page is an adventure in progress, a mystery to ponder, characters to name and an invitation to build stories that only you can create. This is a wordless picture book of 52 fantastical images, created by illustrator Elise Hurst, and with a foreword by Neil Gaiman. It is a book full of storytelling ingredients to help your imagination fly, which means that for every person who opens the book, the stories that spring to life will be unique. There are so many intricate details. What will you notice? What happens next? And where will this experience take you? There are no rules, just a beautiful enticement to come and play.
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SKU: 10582

Brand: Compendium

Title: The Storyteller's Handbook

Product Size: Hardback, 128 pages

Age Guide: 4 + (Ageless)

Australian made

Poppy & Daisy

Poppy & Daisy Designs is an eco-conscious children's brand offering fun DIY kits for little creatives to encourage back to nature play. All kits are handmade in Australia using environmentally sustainable products and packaging. A beautiful collection of eco activity kits and mini bags that inspire children to get hands-on and creative with natural materials.

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"Our mission is to reduce plastic toys in landfill, whilst surprising and delighting children as they open our beautiful eco gifts. We aim to inspire children to get hands-on and creative with natural materials."

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