TeeBee the portable toy box

The new portable toy box for kids on the go! Teebee the toy box is a clever little travel box that allows kids to take their favorite thingymajig, dohicky or whatchamacallit wherever they go - even the small ones! No matter what they are playing with, no matter how you are traveling and no matter where you are going - your kids can pack it in Teebee and take it with them to continue the fun. Whether it is Lego, matchbox cars, beads, crayons, figurines, drawing or even play dough - it will fit in either the large compartment or the smart sorting tray. Teebee is also food safe and makes a fabulous lunch box, helping to ensure that clothes and seats stay clean!

Each Teebee contains a sorting tray, building brick plate, leather carry strap (will also attach to your seat belt for stability,) and an eye-sticker for personalisation. 

Teebee is now available from Send A Toy in 3 cheerful colors - Blue, red and Orange.

Teebee portable toy box in blueRetail packaging for Teebee portable toy box

Child playing with blue Teebee portable toy box in car