New Brand Alert - Rubbabu

New brand alert! This week we added selected Rubbabu products to our virtual shelves.

Rubbabu are a classic, award winning range of children's toys made primarily from natural rubber foam, which is anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic and mildew-resistant.  Created without fillers or chemicals, they are soft, safe, tactile toys that provide a wonderful sensory experience while also encouraging children to touch, grasp, hold and play with the toy, developing their motor skills.

Rubbabu's design philosophy is that children need only simple toys, and that they know how to learn far better than we know how to teach. Therefore they need only make toys that are fun and safe, and children will do the rest!

Each Rubbabu product is carefully made at their family-owned  factory in India, which follows fair trade and eco-friendly practices. The pure rubber foam used to create the Rubbabu products is drawn from rubber trees without affecting their health or longevity, making it a renewable resource. The surface of a Rubbabu toy is soft and velvety. This unique texture creates a wonderful sensory experience for little hands, providing tactile stimulation that helps babies develop their sense of touch. It also makes Rubbabu toys irresistible and cuddly to little kids. 

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Uppercase Alphabet by Rubbabu

Rubbabu mini plane