Powered by your childs imagination ...

There is something comforting about a traditional toy that is powered by your child's imagination rather than a USB cable. A no frills, no bells, no batteries toy that is free from gender stereotypes and requires no instructions, just play it your way and have fun. Those kind of toys are our kind of toys, here are two classics that we are loving right now:

Tegu Magnetic Building Blocks

Tegu have reinvented the humble wooden block by safely and seamlessly embedding magnets into each piece. The result is a curiously attractive toy that unlocks the creative potential in all of us. There are no instructions, manuals or electronics, yet Tegu Blocks will push your child's imagination in ways that are simply not possible with ordinary blocks and construction sets, inspiring endless creativity across all ages.


Holztiger Wooden Animals

Timeless, heirloom quality wooden animal figures for children to play with, collect and display. Each piece is beautifully hand crafted in Europe from maple and beech-woods, which contributes to their appealing, pleasant surface.  A quality addition to any toy box, Holztiger figures offer children endless open-ended, unscripted play opportunities. Use them for story telling, stack them into a tower, create your own farm or zoo, trace their shapes on to paper - the possibilities are endless! You can browse Send A Toy's Holztiger collection here.

  Holztiger Boar Wooden Animal Figure